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Here's more Taurus is the second sign among the zodiacs and is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty. Its basic element is the Earth, which also makes this sign very grounded. This zodiac sign is symbolized by 'The Bull' and the people belonging to this sign are born between April 21st - May 21st. Emerald is the ideal birthstone for individuals born under this sign. Taureans can be described as dependable, compassionate, reliable, loyal, and physically and emotionally strong. Characteristics of Taurus Women.

A typical Taurean woman can be described as loving, reliable, artistic, attentive, gentle, calm, and patient. She is introvert and deeply sensual, with considerable moral and emotional courage. She has a practical approach, is a loyal friend, and stands by them in any given situation. Physical Attributes. A Taurean woman is blessed with a charming personality. She typically has a broad body with a thick neck and broad forehead. She has a beautiful complexion, big and bright eyes, thick lustrous hair, broad shoulders, and a muscular frame. They are very careful about their appearance and need to have a strict diet to attain slimness.

They are also very careful about hairstyle, personal grooming, and fashion sense. The Taurean woman is generally very calm by nature but if angered, she can and will reveal her volcanic rage! She will lose her composure if she has to repeat herself time and again. However, she is able to put up with lot of stress, has immense willpower, along with a rigid sense of morality and emotional courage.

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She is relatively humble and can be really dependable and faithful, if she chooses to be. She is able to withstand great hardship, because she has faith in herself and her abilities. Taurean woman although social being, can also be slightly aloof with the people who do not interest them. She has an extremely unconventional set of friends and companions. She will protect you from uncomfortable situations and people, either by giving sound advice or by defending your honor.

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Protective by nature, she appreciates individuals who are honest, hardworking, unpretentious, have a strong heart and mind, and capable of standing their ground in difficult situations. Taurean women generally enjoy good health. However, when ill, they try their best to avoid medications until their condition demands treatment. They usually suffer from diseases that affect the throat such as diphtheria, tonsils, and common cold. They also have to be careful about health conditions that affect the lower abdomen.

Being bullheaded, they can also be very lazy, which can make them overweight and melancholic. Taurean women are known to be bullheaded simply because they like to get the job done. It is this unrelenting quality, which has been misjudged as stubbornness by many. They are born leaders and will not follow anyone, unless they willingly deem someone as their superior. They have brilliant organization skills, and can work effectively in the world of politics, human resource management, and finance. They can be excellent artists, photographers, writers, and gardeners as well.

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Romance and Relationship. Taurean women are very romantic when in love and demand their relationship to have a strong emotional bond.

7 traits common to the strong-minded Taurus in your life

She is a loving, caring, and romantic partner, who will ensure that her lover is happy. She will go out of her way to provide her partner with a warm heart, hearth, and home. Righteously, she is also an extremely jealous and territorial personality. She will not allow another woman to pry her lover from her, and will prove to be a formidable force to reckon with. She is also extremely unforgiving and will not reconcile with an ex-lover if he has dared to disrespect her in any way. He shall be shown the door or more likely, ignored like he never existed to begin with. After all, she knows what's best for her and would prefer her own company, rather than invest her emotions on someone who doesn't deserve her affection.

Fashion Preference. Taurus females are less likely to be fit the gender norm of femininity and often have a gender-fluid style. While a comfortable style does not always bring to mind the most stylish of appearances, which is not the case for the Taurus woman.

enter site There is something quite unique about how the style of Taurus females showcases their preference for quality, beauty, and expensive things in a down-to-earth way. While Taurus women have an affinity for classical beauty, they themselves often appear more unconventional with notes of conventional and classical beauty. The Taurus woman is slow-paced and enjoys taking her time to experience her world, which she often curates to make welcoming and just plain cool. Loyalty is one of the gifts Taurus women offer all of their relationships.

She tends to see and believe in the potential of her partners, after listening closely to their beautifully thought out life dreams. In many cases, there are a number of reasons as to why these dreams are not met, but the patient and nurturing Taurus woman is determined to stick it out. Some Taurus women are not keen to admit failure and this avoidance is often shared in relationships to her dismay. She appreciates the quirks of others and accepts them for who they are. Taurus women are good listeners.

They will take your words to heart because these women speak with authenticity and expect others to do the same. They will work hard to keep their marriage healthy and happy, but are often quite independent before making such a lifelong commitment. They are a strong believer in love and appreciate gestures of romance. One of the best parts of spending time with a Taurus female with whom you love is how she expresses her emotions authentically to make you feel a close connection.

She is best suited for conventional romance, even though she is open-minded to the experiences of others. She gives herself fully and expects others to do the same in love. For the bull of the zodiac, she is surprising quite affectionate and tactile. She is sensual and will invite you to share a cup of hot tea and a nice relaxing bath with her for intimacy among other things.

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There are times when the Taurus personality, female and male, comes across more hedonistic than most might expect from an Earth sign. Taurus women are determined and hardworking. It is said that when they put their heads down, there is no stopping them. The power of a Taurus female truly comes from their ability to remain calm and collected when getting the job done — not from barreling through the work with their horns.

She is practical and will often be best working behind the scenes than on the stage. While pragmatic work is a good match for a Taurus woman, you may find that her creative streak will lend itself to her following a career in the arts. Whatever the career path, one thing that is for certain is she will take pleasure from her pursuit.