Scorpio and scorpio sexuality compatibility

Here the situation is saved by the unpredictability and mysteriousness peculiar to Scorpios, which will always warm up the mutual interest of the partners. Scorpio is governed immediately by two celestial bodies: Mars, who is the god of war, and Pluto, in charge of the desire for power. Thus, this sign represents a strong, strong-willed personality, striving to fill up and control everything.

True, he does it, being in the backstage, preferring to lead from the outside. An open manifestation of himself is not characteristic of Scorpio, since he is concerned about his safety. Outwardly, he looks confident and firm, but under the rigid chitinous layer is his vulnerable emotional "I", which he persistently protects, and therefore distrustful of people.

Scorpio and Scorpio – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

The desire to rule is his leading motive, so the natural question arises: will two people who are willing to win one throne get along? Water signs have a subtle intuition, so they deeply feel like themselves. Compatibility in a pair of Scorpio and Scorpio is quite high for the reason that to "their own" they show a special relationship, considering their zodiac sign the best.

Their thinking is mystical, they are often carried away by esoteric, astrology and magic. In others, they value honesty and openness, although they are not in a hurry to meet these criteria, often using to manipulation to achieve their goals. And in general, Scorpios love to criticize and discuss others, but in their own eyes they will not notice logs either: inflated ego and overestimated self-esteem simply does not give them an opportunity to perceive constructive criticism.

Compatibility horoscope for Scorpio with Scorpio is ambiguous: having met, they either become inseparable like-minded people, or find dangerous enemies in the face of each other. The development of events depends on the natal charts of the representatives of the sign and their personal horoscopes. In the first version, it will be a bright, charismatic couple that causes respect and fear simultaneously. One Scorpio is a warrior, and two are already a powerful, effective army that will achieve everything that it wishes. The issue of leadership will loom before them all the time, so the partners will have to agree: the two Scorpions will rather announce parity than bow under each other.

But this can happen provided that they realize the value of their partnership, look in one direction and go to the same goal. Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility in the work promises to be very productive. They are excellent strategists, they see the smallest nuances of the business and know how to achieve their goals with minimal effort.

Moving towards the goal, the representatives of Mars bypass any obstacles, and nothing can stop them. The main thing is that in business Scorpios do not compete with each other. Then their joint activities will come to an end. For this they need to remember the desired result.

All this concerns a bundle in which two colleagues work. In the boss-subordinate relationship, the most effective will be a tandem where the man leads, and the woman obeys. If the boss still praises her for achievements, then there will be no problems in interaction at all. In the situation on the contrary, where a man is governed by a directriss, the subordinate Scorpio will feel somewhat humiliated, and therefore the effectiveness of his work will be low.

Martians do not hang out with anyone, carefully choose their partners in any area of life. The compatibility of Scorpio with Scorpio in friendship is likely to be fruitful, as they consider each other to be worthy, strong people. A similar worldview promotes the commonality of their interests and hobbies. They are committed to relationships and, striving for stability, try to keep them as long as possible.

Two sex-opposite Scorpio are attracted, like a magnets.

They are endowed with natural eroticism and inviting energy, which all around feel. Apart from this, when both of you combine intellectually, you two will be unstoppable in life. Is Virgo sexually compatible with Scorpio? If there is something that your lover would like to run after, it is your honor. The fact that you have a fascinating relationship is a plus for your sexual activity. In fact, most of you often hide your sexuality, but it is tough to do so.

Scorpio and Taurus

Often time, your lover could be very rough with you, and this could make you uncomfortable and violated. As a person, you often look for someone that will share your emotion about life. However, if this is what you share with your lover, your sex life will never suffer but will be filled with satisfying moments. The best time for you both to create emotional security is during sex.

It is the case that both of you are ready for each other. Just like you want someone that can reach the emotion behind your rationality, your lover wants someone that will satisfy his communication craves. Your lover happens to be that kind of person who can dig past your rational nature to bring out your emotion. Apart from this, you are very sensitive, and when it comes to love, you do everything to satisfy your lover.

Often time, Virgo Scorpio sun signs find it very easy to get along with each other. This is because you are the best to figure out your lover. An emotional relationship between both of you will be solid. The only problem that could make your relationship difficult emotionally is the criticism that you both are prone to.

The planet rulers for your relationship are Mercury and the combination of Mars and Pluto. Mercury happens to be your ruler while your lover is ruled by the combination of Mars and Pluto.

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The combination of your planet rulers is capable of making both of you successful in life. It is the case that you will be able to communicate well with your lover without much ado as a result of your ruler. Most of the time, Virgo and Scorpio horoscope match go well with each other. While you find it easy to make your relationship better with communication, your lover makes it better with passion.

The fact that your relationship is attracted to your energy while your lover always runs after your loyalty and practicality. You are an Earth sign while your lover is a water sign.

Scorpio Sexuality in the Zodiac

Both of you seem to be very deep and always ready to face any situation whatsoever. When there is too much pressure on you, you often hide in your shell. However, the more pressure that is imposed on you after you hiding in your shell, the most likely you are going to burst. It is the case that your lover always keeps things very simple while you are concerned more with the undercurrent of life. It is the case that both of you are always overcome any problem that might face by you. Apart from this, you are both emotionally attach to each other.

You both would also have no problem in communicating with each other. This is because you are connected with each other even in silence. Most of the time, you both would find it very easy to keep the relationship exciting for a long period.

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Apart from this, this will very significant as a result of the communication process to the relationship. Virgo and Scorpio compatibility could have a little problem with the constant criticism. This constant criticism will always make your relationship moody.

Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

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