21 march 2020 horoscope in hindi

Rahu will remain in your fifth house till mid-September and after that, it will transit in the fourth house. The transit of Shani to the twelfth house signifies several travels in the year , which you may or may not prefer, however, most of the travel will be beneficial for you.

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The possibility of foreign travel is very strong for Aquarians in Aquarius predictions indicate towards that you will go on pilgrimages this year. But a close watch on health is required or you may have to face situations like hospitalization. You will show interest in religious work and donations and will spend on these activities.

With increased monetary benefits, your expense will also go up simultaneously. So it would be better to judiciously consider money matters. Esoteric subjects will attract you and religious minded people will witness an increase in the number of their followers as they get a chance to propagate religion abroad. You are advised to take care of your diet and health from December 27 until the end of the year to avoid any health issues.

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Transfers or change of place is predicted by horoscope and you may have to stay away from your family for some time. At this time it is necessary to show your love and care for your family in terms of gifts which helps in uniting the family members. According to Aquarius horoscope , a wise decision will help you face the ups and downs in the matter of career.

Tensions and other factors at the workplace will compel you to consider a change of job.

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Those who are into partnership business will stay relaxed throughout the year as no adverse situation will arise as predicted in the horoscope. The period between January to March 30 and 30th June to 20th November is very good as your business will grow during this time. As per Career predictions, it is advised to take guidance and knowledge from the learned people to run your business successfully.

Your horoscope does not favor a partnership with the family.

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Be careful with your investments in business as there is a chance of incurring a loss. Keep yourself away from taking business-related risks and employed people should keep good dealings with their seniors. As per your horoscope, the month of January will be good for your career.

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Your horoscope suggests foreign travels related to job or business and these trips will transmit new energy for your work and will benefit you. Have a doubt on Career this year? Contact our Career Astrologer. Aquarius horoscope predictions say that your financial life will be normal this year and you will need to pay special attention to the investment and expenditure of your wealth, because Shani in the twelfth house may lead to increased expenses.

Apart from this, between 30 March and 30 June, your financial status will be disturbed as the transit of Guru will cause an unexpected increase in expenses. There is some relaxation between 30 June and 20 November but even after 20th November, the expenses will remain intact. Therefore, it would be better if you avoid taking any risk related to money and do not make investments.

This year, your income will be regular but you will not be able to use it well. According to Aquarius , invest only if have taken proper guidance from the experts. Pay attention to unexpected expenses and do not waste money. Be careful about investing in stocks, speculative markets etc. Between mid-May to August and after December 17, you can expect good monetary benefits. The month of February is also favorable money wise. According to the Aquarius horoscope predictions, more efforts are required by the students at the beginning of the year.

Due to the transit of Rahu in the fifth house till mid-September, the road to education is full of obstacles. However, due to the influence of Jupiter and Saturn between March 30 and June 30, success is sure in competitive exams. Students studying information technology will earn special achievements but some difficulties may come in the way.

According to the Education Horoscope , the mid-year is likely to be favorable for those who want to go abroad for education. After mid-September, the transit of Rahu in your fourth house will remove the problems arising in the field of education automatically.

The coming time will be good in terms of education. Students should rely on their hard work to achieve good results.

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As per Aquarius horoscope prediction, this year will be a year of mixed results for your family life. Working professionals can look forward to a hike in the salary or even a promotion. Your boss and other senior officials will praise your work. On the flip side, if you are contemplating a job change, then you will get the opportunity to join your desired organisation after 25 April Married couples can receive a new blessing in the form of a baby. Conversely, natives in love should seek the advice of an experienced person to save their relationship from falling apart.

Furthermore, the search of single natives for their soulmate can also come to an end after 19 July This person will fill your life with excitement and bliss. Student natives of Numerology Number 3, will finally get the approval they have been waiting for concerning a new project, after April.

At the same time, things will turn favourable for people preparing for higher research studies like a degree of PhD after 9 May Natives will have a prosperous year as their movable and immovable properties increase gradually. Business people will also start receiving profitable returns from 23 March However, you need to be more compassionate towards your workers.

Healthwise, things may be slightly problematic for you, as you to battle with issues pertaining to cholesterol or fat. Natives, especially those above the age of 30, need to be more attentive and cautious about diabetes and related concerns. People born on 4, 13, 22, or 31 of any month, fall under the Root Number 4. This year will take you to new heights, promises Numerology Horoscope Some of you may get the chance to go on a foreign trip for work-related matters. While others will reap the fruits of their labour as a near and dear one offers you a good position in their new venture.

Simultaneously, some of you can even start your own business. Married natives of this numerology number will need to remain on a lookout, as a third person can create troubles in your life.

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This person may cause misunderstandings between you and your spouse. Therefore, the best solution to this problem will be forging a better understanding between you two through open communication. Things are unfavourable for natives in love as well, and certain situations may arise, causing your relationship to almost collapse. Thus, trusting your partner and not paying attention to any rumours is the best step you can take. Single natives will also get a chance to end their search for the perfect partner on 1 June However, do not jump in blindly. Instead, let things graduate slowly.

Student natives hoping to go abroad for further studies will get their chance this year. Nevertheless, you will need to keep up your efforts to get accepted into a respectable foreign university. From a financial perspective, this year will be full of ups and downs for natives of Numerology number 4 as sudden and unexpected gains and losses occur throughout the year. Conversely, business natives will gain profits through foreign sources.

Healthwise, some of you may have to face skin and lungs related problems for which you should consult a doctor regularly. Additionally, you need to be very careful while driving or at all times in a vehicle, as predictions suggest leg injury. People born on 5, 14 or 23 of any month fall under the root number 5. Numerology assures that this will be an average year for natives. Working professionals will get the complete support of their seniors and colleagues. Your plans will be heard, your ideas praised, and some of you may even get the chance to head a new project. Married natives need to give their spouse more time, as an excess of work is taking you away from them.

Take out time to converse with them daily so that both of you can express yourself easily. On the flip side, natives in love will get many chances to spend time with their beloved as they go on trips together. Your relationship will deepen, and some of you may even tie the knot after 3 March Single natives may also meet the love of their life through their friends this year, or you can ask for their help to propose to the one you like. This will be a beneficial year for student natives compared to the previous one.

As February begins, your concentration power will reach astounding levels, and you will be devoted to your studies. On the financial front, the money will continue to exchange hands this year, causing your savings to be continuously moving. Business people may invest over their limits, which you need to keep in mind during all your transactions.

As for your health, problems related to your hands and legs are likely.

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Therefore, remember your protective gear during any sports activities. Natives born on 6, 15, or 24 of any month fall under the jurisdiction of root number 6. The year is indicated to be above-average according to the predictions of Numerology Working professionals will profit and progress ahead in their career due to their female colleagues. Therefore, you should remain cordial with all the women at your workplace. You will reap the fruits of your labour as the project that you have been working for will return significant profits. This will make your boss very happy with you, and some of you may even get promoted.

Married natives will enjoy several peaceful moments with their spouse. You will clear all misunderstandings, and previous conflicts between you as you both work together for a better future. Natives in love will also get several opportunities to work on their relationship so that your bond deepens. Single natives who have been waiting for the right time to propose to their love will get a positive response to their question from May.