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Find out your Chinese Zodiac sign by entering the year you were born.

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You can learn more about each animal by clicking on the buttons near the bottom of the page. Need to know the exact date of Chinese New Year this year? Here's a chart that shows when Chinese New Year is celebrated from - When is Chinese New Year ? What day is Chinese New Year celebrated on?

Rat (zodiac)

Are you looking for unblocked games? PrimaryGames is the fun place to learn and play! Traditions Chinese New Year Dishes. Traditions Chinese New Year Desserts. Traditions Chinese New Year Snacks.

And what to drink? Festivities Chinese New Year Decorations Discover the bright and colorful Spring Festival decorations, their origins, meanings and more. Learn more new year greetings and etiquette.

Welcome to CNY ! Got it!

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Some couples believe in astrological signs, some in numerology, while others prefer to tie the knot on a significant date such as birthdays or anniversary. Picking a wedding date is by no means an easy task, but our guide will get you all the inspiration you need to select the perfect date. To date, the Chinese believe that getting married on an auspicious day will bring about joy and prosperity to the marriage.

Foreword: The auspicious wedding dates are applicable to anyone regardless of your ethnicity or religion.

Chinese Horoscope 2020 Predictions

It does however take into account your zodiac signs. Best Wedding Themes For Year Save This!