Born 25 february aquarius horoscope

Lovers born on February 25 th are very sensitive yet loving.

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You have a very sensitive pride. Your pride gets its power from the fact that you cannot separate your personality from your emotions. If people criticize you or even call you out on certain aspects of your personality, you really take it emotionally. You feel that everything that you say, believe in, or do reflects your character, and you own them. This can be a good thing because it can lead to deeper friendships and more fulfilling romantic relationships.

Born on the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

Like it or not, there are many people in this world who would never see eye to eye with you. That is just the way things are. We are all different. We have different experiences.

We should be given the benefit of the doubt when we differ. Those with a birthday on February 25 need a tremendous amount of security while at the same time demanding freedom.

February 25 Zodiac Sign

This is a very interesting combination. This is why you can be a very great worker, and a very lousy one as well. In fact, in many cases you exhibit both qualities at the same time. You just need to be approached properly for your boss to get the right kind of work from you.

February 25 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

In fact, you can even overdeliver and impress people. Unfortunately, you have such a touchy pride that if your superior says that wrong word, that would be enough for you to feel depressed, discouraged, and diminished. Not surprisingly, your work quality suffers accordingly. People born on February 25 are best fitted for jobs in the arts, seriously. There is moodiness and extreme emotional idealism on the one hand, and perfectionism and pride on the other. You exhibit a lot of instability.

In many cases, a little bit of instability can go a long way.

A person born 25 February 1943 has the zodiac sign Pisces

The worst thing that can happen is when people think alike and feel alike, and they end up stepping off a cliff. Unfortunately, it takes quite a while for you to get this realization. While you can be a loving, supportive, and warm person, your tendency to insist on your personal view of emotional reality can earn you many enemies. The worst part is that you tend to attract enemies that operate in the shadows. These are people who look like friends.

In many cases they act like friends. They definitely sound like friends.

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But they often wait until the worst time possible for you before they stick the knife in. This is usually not physical. But they wait until the proper opportunity. Powerful Saturn was considered the father of many gods in ancient Roman times, and was the original ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is the oldest of the gods in Roman mythology; this planet was discovered much later than Saturn and was only more recently assigned to this sign.

The combination of these planetary energies is strong and vibrant. The element associated with the Aquarius sign is air , and that means the rarefied air of the intellectual.

Born On The 25th? (Numerology Of 25)

Aquarians will accomplish much with their broad and logical minds, entertaining complex and scientific ideas for the betterment of all. That said, the Aquarius personality is also artistic and inventive. The fact that these folks can think so creatively and inventively is one of their greatest assets.

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Water Bearers are all about progress and technology — they love the latest gadgets, gewgaws, computers, and next-generation technologies. Thanks to a genius that borders on insanity! Their approach in doing so may be unpredictable, impersonal and at times cold. Are you an Aquarius man or an Aquarius woman?

Aquarians believe that their offbeat, original approach will win the day, and that new thought is what is needed to change the world. Those born under this sign are altruistic, humane people who are determined to make a difference. Generally, that means ample space, since Aquarius traits tend to be freedom-loving and individualistic, these folks need to roam and yes, they do enjoy travel.

While Aquarians are generally sympathetic and compassionate, they like it when things go their own quirky way. In their own way, Aquarians treasure their many friends and acquaintances and want to give back as much as they can. At play, those born under an Aquarius sun sign like to surround themselves with lots of people, preferably family and friends. Baseball and tennis are fun for these folks though they should watch for weak ankles , and a daily swim would also be nice. Aquarians favor watery colors, like shiny silver or aqua blue.