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Capricorn traits: 10 things you need to know Capricorn personality: What are the characteristics of being a Capricorn? Capricorn positive and negative traits Capricorn traits female: Capricorn traits male: Capricorn compatibility : What zodiac signs are compatible with Capricorn? Capricorn incompatibility: What signs do Capricorns not get along with? Zodiac sexuality traits: What are Capricorns like sexually?


Sexual compatibility: Are Capricorn and Cancer sexually compatible? Capricorn zodiac sign. Guided by Saturn, Capricorn, your personality is prone to reflection, caution and analysis.

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Saturn, your ruling planet encourages moderation and wisdom. Capricorn traits include being mature, logical and sensible. The Capricorn personality invests lots of energy into achieving their zodiac sign goals. In love, Capricorn is loyal and attentive, but they also appreciate alone time. Your ascendant sign also has an important influence on your personality.

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For instant happiness, Capricorn needs to learn to live in the moment and forget about the temptation of troubling themselves with existential questions. The truth is, you can plan for every instance in your life and interfering with destiny is a dangerous game to play. The Capricorn zodiac sign is represented by a mountain Goat featuring a fish tail.

The zodiac symbol represents ascending and progressing onto greater heights. Capricorn's other prominent positive traits come from the Goat and include ambition and determination. Discover the influence of Capricorn rising on each zodiac personality. Here are 10 facts you must know about the Capricorn personality. For more insight, check out 15 Capricorn facts. Capricorn is grouped with the Earth element and those who worry about their security. Like Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn appreciates tradition and order.

Venus in Capricorn

Since Capricorn's master planet; Saturn symbolizes restriction, it helps them focus on what's important. The Capricorn personality will always find a solution to their problems even in the most difficult of situations. How well do you know the traits of the Capricorn zodiac sign? Understanding the Capricorn traits will help you build better relationships with Capricorn people in love, work and life.

Capricorn traits female are serious, focused and independent in every endeavor. The element associated with Capricorn is Earth. No big surprise there! They would much rather stay put and get to work. They are scrupulous with details and adopt a rather conventional posture in business and in life. Folks with this star sign feel best playing it safe, since this is a fail-safe way to get to the top — eventually.

Capricorns need to remember that they do need allies along the way, ambitious or otherwise. With any kind of luck make that considerable work , Caps will find themselves on that top step, but they should also remember those who have helped them on their quest.

Capricorn Relationships

Typical Capricorn traits include being traditional but not quite the button-down stiffs some would suggest and somewhat inhibited, prompting others to wonder if they can ever enjoy success and its rarefied air. Rest assured, these folks will be smiling inside. While Caps can occasionally get a bit materialistic and greedy they just want a reward for all their hard work , they are far too dignified and practical to get carried away. Plus, they love tradition and reserve, and want to appear polite and friendly.

You like classic looks over what's trendy. And you're definitely looking for substance, and don't fall for empty sweet talk. Is this your Venus sign? Find out by looking on your free birth chart. You're in cupid's sight , when Venus is in Capricorn, and other earth signs.

You can learn about Capricorn in Love -- this brings together the Goat and amour, and will be helpful. You want to join with someone that you can build an empire with. You're not likely to be into one-night stands, and will see red flags with players, or those that are all flash and no substance. Having said that, Capricorn is a sign that's known for having a high libido, and if you're young, you can sow a lot of oats.

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  7. You have the quirky attitude of being casual about sex, but taking commitment very seriously. You're a bit old-fashioned, with a dream to settle down and create something that lasts. It takes a while before you open up in love, and reveal an earthy sensuality that has staying power. You're the type of friend that helps your pals get a leg up in the world. You like to be dependable, and expect your close associates to match your responsibility level.

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    It's likely that you meet a lot of your closest friends at work, or through a collaboration of some kind. With Venus in the sign of Saturn, you may have bouts of melancholy that take you deep into a dark place.