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Same sign shows very good understanding between them. It shows love and harmony.

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Their family life will be full of joy and h It shows fundamental difference in the approach towards love, romance and life in general. It also shows the long life for t This sign combination indicates happiness for the couple. The girl will help boy in achieving his life objectives and work as This sign combination indicates prosperity in life.

Couples will understand each other and together bring prosperity in life This sign combination indicates a long married life. Though this sign combination is not regarded good in marriage compatibil This combination, though good for progeny, but cannot be regarded as good generally.

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There will be difference of opinion, qua This indicates a good combination for love and romantic life. This combination also indicates happy and long married life. This combination has not been regarded good by our sages.

There will be a matter of disputes and disagreements. Also this com Aries Man - Sagittarius Woman. This combination is not regarded good and leads to widowhood sometimes. This combination also indicate problems in progeny. This combination shows a good compatibility. The boy will get full support from the girl in all the departments of life.

This is one of the best combinations for sign compatibility. They will be very understanding and toward each other. The girl This is called Dwi-dwadash combination and is not regarded good and said to be giving fatal results. The couple will Aries FAQ's.

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About Aries Woman. About Aries Man. Check Now. Finance Are money matters a reason for the dark-circles under your eyes? Ask A Question Is there any question or problem lingering. Love Will you be able to rekindle with your lost love? If you are not. Yantras Energised Yantras for You. AstroSage TV Subscribe. AstroSage Magazine. Buy Gemstones. Relations with In-Laws tend to be stable and cordial.

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Students and Children: You might face obstacles in studies till 16th December. Concentration and focus is essential otherwise you might be distracted from studies. Competition would be quite high hence; strong will power and devotion will be the need of the hour. A female friend could possibly be a source of distraction so avoid indulgence in any such matters. You will receive appreciation from your teachers and guides on the record of your hard work and dedication.

Your interest in sports will enable you perform pretty well in these activities. New opportunities are likely to strike your way.

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Your mom will turn out to be your pillar of strength but there are odds of issues with father. You should make efforts to arrange house party or get together with family and friends. This would carry you considerably closer to each one of them and would help you sort out disturbing matters with your dad. December Horoscope. Order Now. Year Trending Articles. Try now Urgent - 24 hr Express Service days. There is more focus on work and professional growth. You realize the need to make inner revisions to your personal foundations and attitudes and you let go of old dependency needs, or at least you try your utmost to.

A burst of self-belief will see you through. The good moves and wise choices of previous period start paying off and your domestic scene is fully charged and revitalized. There is new hope, greater joy in the future and long-term stability. You also look for a second home, a home-away-from-home as you make steady and sustained personal progress. There is domestic peace now and you are happy. So is Ganesha.

There is stability and growth on all fronts and you have put the past behind you and are singing a new, upbeat tune. You realise that you want recognition as well as security.

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You need to have a higher income is intense and you work harder and also follow-up new job leads. You sweat it out, slog away, plough the land in a manner of speaking, and burn the candle at both ends to get all that you want. You make new acquisitions and you do everything in your command to feel secure in your own right. The wish to stand on your own feet motivates you and you leave no stone unturned.

There is rapid progress in all spheres of your life. You have managed to resolve your doubts and have adopted a positive attitude.

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Now your optimism and vision shines through and influences all your activities. It will reflect strongly at work and in your family and personal interactions. This period gives just the right combination, the perfect mix of determination and imagination. You are a better person now, much more confident and more integrated as a human being. Your people skills are better and you meet up with compatible and like-minded people who will help you in reinforcing your beliefs.

Finances are on the upswing and you will enjoy the joys and comforts of life. Like Dhoni you are on a good wicket and like Sehwag you are bitting on the front foot. Ganesha is happy for you. There are many new aspects to this phase of growth.