Toronto star horoscope february 18

You can be more indulgent when you are relaxed. Tonight: Your treat. This Week: Use caution with finances. You might have a surprise on the way! Use the daytime hours for you -- read the Sunday paper or luxuriate in bed watching a favorite movie. You might have a call or two to make, but you'll do it at your leisure. An invitation appears later in the day. Tonight: Meeting up with friends. This Week: Know what you want and beam in just that starting Monday.

You can manifest what you want. Use the daylight hours when you feel good and energized. Your energy might be accelerated by a difficult and volatile discussion with a friend. You do not need to agree with each other. Tonight: Slow down and start thinking about the work week. This Week: Choose to act midweek after others reveal where they stand. Be more aware of your responsibilities and others' needs.

Someone will follow your lead. Bring friends and family together for a late brunch. Discussions could be quite animated. Tonight: Where the action is. This Week: Emphasize your long-term goals and desires through Wednesday. Reach out for a loved one at a distance. You could spend a lot of time catching up on news with each other. You may feel pressured later to bring others together.

Daily Horoscope: February 17th to February 18th

Tonight: A force to be dealt with. This Week: Stay on top of worldly demands. You will want some free time starting Thursday. Reach out for a friend or loved one who cares about you. Discussions prove to be animated and you both express very different ideas. Do not attempt to resolve a problem just yet. You will gain perspective, nonetheless. Tonight: Go exotic.

Others come toward you; however, you could be feisty when dealing with a loved one or a close friend. Tempers could fly out of the blue.

One-on-one relating takes over later in the day. Tonight: Add more spice to your life. This Week: One-on-one relating creates a strong bond between you and another party early in the week. You have a lot to do, and you want to clear out those chores. Some of you will be busy preparing your home for winter.

By evening, get together with a family member. Tonight: Enjoy a chat with a loved one. This Week: Defer to others, knowing full well you can always nix an idea should you not agree. You cannot help but be frisky and fun-loving. A loved one or child could get frustrated and angry when with you.

Tonight: Greeting the wee hours. This Week: Pressure soars as the week begins. By Wednesday, you know you have accomplished a major feat. You allow others to dominate at present. You might not even be conscious of this decision; it simply feels easier. You might discover a far easier way to bring others together than your normal choice. Tonight: Go for exotic cuisine. This Week: Reach out for someone you care about.

How you handle a situation could be unusual yet effective. Midweek, take charge. You have gone along with others' wishes for a while. You might feel as if someone is being unusually difficult or hard on you. You can break this pattern this afternoon by simply taking charge or having a discussion Tonight: All smiles. This Week: If you hit an obstacle, know that you can get past nearly any problem with the help of another person. Express your appreciation to this person. Get a project done or get into reading the Sunday paper early.

Horoscope for Friday, Oct. 18, 12222

By afternoon, a knock on the door or a friendly invitation summons you to join your friends or family. Tonight: Hang out as long as you want. This Week: You wish you could get some quality time with a loved one or special friend. You could feel tested at times during this work week. You are still going full speed ahead, partly because of your ingenuity.

At some point, you will need to slow down and evaluate. Realign your priorities. You find life flows if you do. Tonight: Invite others over for dessert. This Week: Getting into the work week is not a problem.

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Staying focused after Wednesday could be difficult. Your social life picks up. Allow some laziness in the morning. You always seem to go at a fast clip, so the change could be refreshing.

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  5. By afternoon, you will want to break into a faster pace. Tonight: Wherever you are, you will be visiting and catching up on news. Let the fun begin. This Week: Be discriminating about what you share with a loved one. This person could get so excited it might be hard to share other news. You might be unusually concise and direct in the morning.

    You could realize what a big gap you have to bridge with a friend to come to terms with a situation. You simply need to accept each other's styles. Stay close to home if possible.

    Tonight: Order in. This Week: Your ability to get past a hassle emerges, especially if the issue is domestic or personal. You make a great role model in any case. Restricting yourself from making a major expenditure or several little ones proves to be smart.

    It might take a few days to understand why the self-discipline was necessary. Meet a friend for a late lunch if possible. Tonight: Return calls first. This Week: Defer to another person, knowing full well you cannot convince him or her to follow your suggestions. Disengage if possible.